JW Bowe Promo

We are a mixed media production company specialising in comedy.

We are based on the Welsh border but let’s not let that put you off.

Take a look around, make yourself at home. Cigarette?

Meet the team…

JW Bowe… Author, Publisher, Producer.

JW Bowe is a writer and general broadcast imaginist. He operates under the strict guidelines of fun without cruelty, then runs over it all with counter intuition before checking back in with production and the rules of compliance. If that doesn’t work he’ll go and rev up some two stroke machinery in the woods until he feels better.

He says that you’re most welcome.

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Anna Bowe… Publisher, Producer, Master.


Anna was a born producer, which turned out to be fortuitous, if only for the salvation of others.
You can argue with her but she retains the right to ownership of the send button on her PC.

No one has asked her any questions that she’d be happy to answer.

She refuses to appear on video.