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Iron Brand Car Name Challenge

It would appear that it is not only JW Bowe who is at a distance from the reality of modern car names. Ironically it’s not taken him the distance of a car journey to discover this. It’s everyone that he meets, and he’s been asking around quite a bit.

Car manufacturer letters

As some recompense we offer you this Top Ten leader board of greater, better, worse car names, and challenge you to go further and send your entries to us. Your name, or truckers handle will go alongside the new branding you have deemed appropriate. Help make the world a better place for our eyes and the understanding of basic grammar. Serious Biscuits and any chosen affiliates will be the decider makers.

Good luck and think wisely.

The Iron Brand Challenge

Das Leaderboard!

1; Alpha Romeo ‘Barbarella’

2; Fiat ‘Souvenir’

3; Mini ‘Dogman’

4; Ford ‘Chaviar’

5; Skoda ‘Diaspora’

6; Range Rover ‘Contract’

7; Honda ‘James’

8; Subaru ‘Forager’

9; Volvo ‘Galleon’

10; Jaguar ‘Executor’



Good luck and God speed…

For entry to leader board please e mail Serious Biscuits with your manufacturers name and fresh car title. Please leave your name or truckers handle. All current entries are from Serious Biscuits and any known associates. Help us to help you make the roads a better place for your eyes and reading.

Creative Writing Tutorials

Writer JW Bowe decides to do a recording of A History and Use of Spidergraphs without proper, or any, preparation time. Serious Biscuits decides to release it anyway.

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