A Word to the Wise

What is it about strangeness, about the way that it holds our attention in spite of the distance that we try to keep from it?
Do we like the strange; or strange people? Those unencumbered numbers of folk that we don’t know but we know we have seen. Do we like them, or do we fear that we may already be one?

Hello there! I’m JW Bowe and I have no answer to that question, or the other ones above it. But I did always like to explore them; and to do that further, I needed a limited company.
So now Ladies, Gents and Others, take your bourbon by the hand and welcome yourselves into the embrace of Serious Biscuits. We’re here to help, and we’re through with explaining ourselves.

Go on then, I’ll go through it one more time.
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Herbert, Derek and Benjamin have a secret.
It flies.
Now who are they going to trust?
Boys, girls, wheelchairs… secrets beyond
gravity, a comedy above North Wales.

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The Winter of my Blog

7th December 2017

What’s going on with Labradors? Obviously they’re terrific, I’m not planning to have a go; Labradors look about perfect in the looks department, better even than a dolphin. They’re probably the bestlooking thing in reality, and considering that I’ve just taken receivership of some new spectacles, I’m feeling in the mood to make a judgement on such things. But they are messier than a nursing home detainee and display similar non-attachments to their attention span. Continue reading “The Winter of my Blog”

Paradise Blogged

9th November 2017

Is ball-deep the term? It’s not one that I really ever choose to deploy so I might be misappropriating it here. Let’s just let me apologise and I’ll do my best to explain.

I’m ball deep into the second draft of The Brine in Me, and second drafts are funny company. Not that I’m keeping much company at the moment. There’s deadlines to meet, and that encroaching realisation that something inherently private in creation is going to be handed over to someone. An editor, which although still technically makes them a someone, they are so in an entirely different understanding of the word, enough to make you make sure that your novel makes sense on the page and not just in your head. That’s what a second draft is like, if like me you write the first draft wholesale without too much prior restraint. So far it would seem that it has made sense; if my explaining of that has also made sense, and ball-deep was the term, then well done me.

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Buddha does Craft Beer: Liquid Mistress

Buddha says; ‘As a man as celibate as he is endowed with wisdom, I know little of the mistress. I know liquids though, and this beer stirs the levitation in my groin.’
Marks for…
Levitation 😀 Inner Materialism ★ Rebirth (more Mistress)? No thank you, I’m all spent. Om…
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Buddha does Craft Beer: Brotherhood Steam
Buddha says; ‘A dry hopped IPA collaboration from the high hopped Chris Robinson Brotherhood and Anchor Steam Brewery. Delivers all over my hop gland.’
Marks for…
Levitation 😉 Inner Materialism 😀 Rebirth (encore)? Goodness yes. Sometimes high is not the top. Om…
#SeriousBiscuitsDotCom #YouTubeCaveMind #ChrisRobinsonBrotherhood #AnchorSteamBrewery #BrotherhoodSteam #CraftBeer #MyCloudIsMyTaxiHome #Buddhism #BuddhaDoesCraftBeer

Buddha does Craft Beer: Bloody Ell IPA
Buddha says; ‘A blood orange ale that goes great with my robe. Ale coordination is bang on trend this season.’
Marks for…
Levitation :O Inner Materialism ↑ Rebirth (More sir)? Alright then, pushy. Throw me over a few and I’ll stack them without touching them. Or blinking. Om… #SeriousBiscuitsDotCom #YouTubeCaveMind #CraftBeer #Buddhism #OrangeAndChanted #BuddhaDoesCraftBeer #MyCloudIsMyTaxiHome #BeavertownBrewery #BloodOrange #Beerstagram

Buddha does Craft Beer: Vital IPA
Buddha says; ‘More hop than your average Himilaya, and lingering sweet toffee sensations like the hard boiled sweets that see me through a long nights meditation.’
Marks for…
Levitation ★ Inner Materialism 😀 Rebirth (more vitality)? ‘My vital statistics are infinite but must be ruminated on, gaily upon daily. So yes please.’ Om…
#SeriousBiscuitsDotCom #CraftBeer #Buddhism #VitalStatistics #MyCloudIsMyTaxiHome #HipHop #TheMeifodClaw #VictoryBrewingCompany #Vital #HopForVictory

Buddha does Craft Beer: Life and Death
Buddha says; ‘Life and death, the great focus of the greatest theology. Mine. This does not answer the cycle of life but should take your mind off it.’
Marks for…
Levitation 🙂 Inner Materialism 😀 Rebirth (more life or death)? More life if the tin is chilled. If room temperature, death. Om…
#SeriousBiscuitsDotCom #YouTubeCaveMind #CraftBeer #BuddhaDoesCraftBeer #LifeAndDeath #LifeAndDeathAndTins #Buddhism #VocationBrewey #MyCloudIsMyTaxiHome

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