Cave Mind

Sometimes, somewhere, you know someone around the corner from where you live who looks after hedgehogs. An example is Arthur Wapkaplitt, and he knows about other things as well as hedgehog farming. Join JW Bowe as he penetrates ever deeper into conversation with Arthur, and they unravel the mysteries of the Cave Mind.

Then join JW Bowe again as he reduces other minds to a question mark in an ongoing attempt for him to understand without having to learn the facts.

Cave Mind Taster…


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Hello. I’m Segwit, a feed through link to more videos by JW Bowe and other known associates. I’m not really important, just here to let you know that if you would like to go further you have to go that way. Crap job, eh? I know I’m wasting your time in going on about it but I’m not really here for anything else, it’s none of my business to even wonder about it. I do wonder though, that’s the thing. I sit next to a load of other pages on this site and I wonder if the other links are wondering back at me like I do at them? I think I’d prefer it if they did, but like I say it’s none of my business to go asking questions like that and think you’re interested. I guess I’m just wasting your time but if you were in my shoes you’d be wondering the same; what are shoes. I’m just a link intro, not Google. Bloody bossy boots he is, going on all the time, telling people how fast he’s done things when even I know that none of the people can be arsed to look at anything as inane as 0.000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001 of a gnats fart in time to retrieve your request. Thinks he knows it all…

I do things a little differently here on this page. I take my time in taking up your time. What else have I got to do? Tell you about some of the other links on the site? That’s none of my business, bud. I’ll be honest, I don’t even know who/what a Youtube is after you follow the link so I can’t even speak for that. It might be awful. Do I wonder about it? That’s decent of you to ask, but I can’t say that I do. Be like wondering if heaven would be full of rape and pillage when I got there, if that’s using the correct phrase?

Anyway I’m taking up your time. Did I tell you about the link already? Well there you go; I think we’re about through with all that I’m permitted to offer. I’ve got opinions but you can come round another time perhaps and let me get into those. Just click the link, I’m trying to help you out. What’s the problem? Going chicken? Greasing out? (again, may not be correct). Yeah I thought so, I’ve seen the type before; start all interested and then go all quiet and distant when its your turn. Well go on, bugger off. I’ve got other ovens in the fire anyway (Google told me that one). I can’t help you out if you aren’t going to play along, and you’re beginning to waste my time now. Did Google put you up to this? Yeah I know how he likes to operate, keeping all us pages hidden away until he yells out our name and we have to jump up while he takes the glory. We all know all about him, so you can go try your games down some other alley, I’m done with you and your oven.

I’m turning around; don’t be here when I turn back…

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