The Indented

Do you have a bent towards reading plays? Are you the type of person to open that little bit of folded paper you get with a cassette tape and read the gubbins inside?

Then you’ve just hit the bullseye! (Perhaps even the triple twenty)

Somewhere around this page are the links to download six aperitifs that unfold themselves into a single play of regular scale.

Have fun with them, and if you feel the need to act them out with a friend or co-conspirator, you’re most welcome to send us an audio copy for our amusement and possible future competition. We’ll let the prize be pride itself.

The Indented 1: Alpha, Alpha, Alpha.
The Indented 2: Proboscis.
The Indented 3: Incident at Fen Hall.
The Indented 4: The Quill.
The Indented 5: Ballard’s Backyards.
The Indented 6: Wherever You Go, There You Are.


If you like our plays and fancy hearing them produced with real live actors then please consider supporting Serious Biscuits…


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