The Meifod Claw – Volitant! Not Just Another Comedy…

Volitant! Not Just Another Comedy…

I’ll admit from the off that I’m a fussy reader. If a plot or writing style doesn’t grab me, I have no qualms with discarding the whole novel. (Does that mean that I’ve probably missed out on some ‘classics’? Probably. I think I’ll live, though.)
The Meifod Claw is a book, then, which passed the ‘fussy test’. The characters are likeable and their story is certainly bizarre enough to peak your interest. The book touts itself as a comedy, but don’t let that put you off. In actual fact, it’s a wicked blend of sci fi sitcom. A touch Wheedon-esque, only a few less monsters and a lot more drugs. The one let-down for me is that the dialogue can tend to run on a bit – don’t be afraid to skim those milky bits to get to the meat of the story.
As a glorious extra, J W Bowe also utilises plot points as whizzing vehicles to propel the reader into the rabbit warren of ancient sciences, mythology and conspiracy theories.
Overall, The Meifod Claw is a really enjoyable summer read, which provokes mirth and mixed feelings as much as it does philosophical thought.
 (4 / 5)

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