The Meifod Claw – Best book I’ve read this year.

Best book I’ve read this year.

I loved the characters and the way the story suddenly takes off and slows down again, a bit like an anti gravity flying machine! I would recommend an I.P.A. beer with this book. Definitely not wine. It reminded me of Bruce Robinson, high praise indeed if Withnail and I was your thing. The writing style is pretty unique in that sometimes I wondered if JW Bowe was sat on something odd at certain moments. Like a jet ski or nimrod. Have a read and you’ll see what I mean.
 (5 / 5)

By Tim
November 1, 2017Published on

The Meifod Claw – Excellent first Novel by this talented author

Excellent first Novel by this talented author.

Very well written throughout with a great sense of pace and character observation along with lyrical, almost poetic descriptions, that weave in and out of the story. In a nutshell a sort of adult version of the ‘Famous Five’ that embark on an ‘Out of this world’ adventure in deepest, darkest Wales. A cracking read from cover to cover.
 (5 / 5)

By Ann
November 15, 2017

The Meifod Claw – Volitant! Not Just Another Comedy…

Volitant! Not Just Another Comedy…

I’ll admit from the off that I’m a fussy reader. If a plot or writing style doesn’t grab me, I have no qualms with discarding the whole novel. (Does that mean that I’ve probably missed out on some ‘classics’? Probably. I think I’ll live, though.)
The Meifod Claw is a book, then, which passed the ‘fussy test’. The characters are likeable and their story is certainly bizarre enough to peak your interest. The book touts itself as a comedy, but don’t let that put you off. In actual fact, it’s a wicked blend of sci fi sitcom. A touch Wheedon-esque, only a few less monsters and a lot more drugs. The one let-down for me is that the dialogue can tend to run on a bit – don’t be afraid to skim those milky bits to get to the meat of the story.
As a glorious extra, J W Bowe also utilises plot points as whizzing vehicles to propel the reader into the rabbit warren of ancient sciences, mythology and conspiracy theories.
Overall, The Meifod Claw is a really enjoyable summer read, which provokes mirth and mixed feelings as much as it does philosophical thought.
 (4 / 5)

The Meifod Claw, a Review

Bowe remains at his best, throughout the work

Rare are the writers that grip you with such sparkling metaphor, and vivacious use of language, twice within its opening page:
‘He waited for the morning to find pathways through his body.’
‘..he had found himself within a snow dome that waited for life to be shaken upon it.’
Bowe remains at his best, throughout the work, in describing the beauty of such everyday feeling, of setting a scene, of putting pen to a landscape. A love of language pervades all.
He trust his characters to be liked on their own merits, without the need for lengthy explanations of self. A faith which is justified as you turn page after page eagerly awaiting the next exploit.
The book centres on sci-fi but operates an open door policy where all are welcome, regardless of their beliefs and interests.
Billed as a comedy, it is undoubtedly replete with its funny moments. A lover of an inventive and amusing turn of phrase can gorge themselves here.

 (5 / 5)

By Mr K. Unitt
on 30 July 2017 –

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