This Little Bloggy went to Market…

 2nd October, 2017

I’ve been killing things in peoples gardens this week. No, that’s too hard; I’ve been assisting the hostas and other perennials into the autumn. They (the hostas) have already got big brown holes growing through them, so I guess they seemed pretty keen on the idea themselves before I showed up with the snips (a literal term, just to make clear).

As for the begonias… begotten and b’gone. A shame as I’ve really started to enjoy their colours and waxen way of doing things. That must mean that I’m past the point of youth because no-one in trainers thinks that begonias are cool. Not that I’m in trainers any more, or even anything that has a stripe stitched along its side; my footwear is beige and has been for some time. These are not good signs, but beige goes better with the colour of the foot well in my car.

At least I’m still not yet convinced by roses, but that might only be a matter of time. On the other hand, I do tend to a lot of roses and have to yell bloody murder when they destroy another of my shirts. There’s still time… Continue reading “This Little Bloggy went to Market…”

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