Choose Life, Choose Blog, Choose Not to Watch Sequels…

Being a little out of touch with such things, I was recently astounded to see a sequel to a famous slice of British counter culture cinema littering the cheap end of a local McColl’s video stand. Like all reunion gig covers, this one was emblazoned with the font and colour schemes that you will have recognised from the first time around, only this time glazed with middle age and the many furrows of times gone by. You hope that means the playlist comes with journeyman growth and a richer, honeyed soul, but inevitably it’s more likely to mean that the performers just cannot reach the high notes anymore. Worse still, the reunion is going to be acoustic with seating for everyone, regardless of whether or not you have legs that are still utility enough for the task of standing up. Continue reading “Choose Life, Choose Blog, Choose Not to Watch Sequels…”

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