A Blog in a Folk-Hole

15th October 2017

Sometime after dark, down beyond the last crossing of a sandy back road in Suffolk, past the third turning and over a small green, is a pub with the finest Thursday night folk scene that you might never have been to. It’s a cacophony of the good, the bad, and the dreary, all packed into a too-small space with stout poured all over it for good measure. It’s where you’d have found me and a friend of mine on Thursday, wondering, about this time of year, if they might have some olde ale on the pumps.

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Reach for the Blogs, Safe as F****

6th September 2017

Summer’s done and packed her bags, then. Well, that’s going too far, but I’ve been out and about all day and she’s definitely begun to turn the other cheek. Bring on the shears, fetch my wheelbarrow and enjoy the possibility that by starting your clipping early, you might get an incorrigible autumn that’ll bring about some decent last months flowering. I thinking of Echinops, but you go ahead and fill your boots with Cosmos if that’s the way you snip.

Anyway, this isn’t Gardener’s Quadrangle, and I’ve been otherwise busy with things to fill this blog with. Some of them aren’t made up, that’s how busy I’ve been. Mostly what I want to talk at you about is this;

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