The scene was tense, and as off-camber as a poorly adjusted pair of knickers. The Russian looking chap who’d brought along his spectacles, stared at the chess board. He’d spent five years moving the pieces around, and always with the same old hands that he’d moved most things about with for his entire life.

He wasn’t bored with his hands, he liked them both enough that either one could come in a tie for Hand’s first place. But they were itchy; they’d been listening to that little clock tick away for five years, and now they wanted to form a fist and smash that clock into something ruined and littler. The man’s arms knew this, and they would have nothing to do with it. This aggravated the hands further, but they were patient…

Then the moment happened; the stress grafted man made his move on the board and his right fist came down on the clock and crushed it as if it were no more than an empty cherry bakewell casing. The man sat back in his chair, took a bite on his bakewell and adjusted his knickers. Contented that his work was done, he only then realised that it was his move of the game, and he was his only opponent.

The above might perhaps be the only way to announce that The Meifod Claw is now available in a whole merry-go-round of formats! If you carry a trumpet with you, now would be the time… Continue reading “ROLL OUT THE BARRELS!”

Cave Mind: Canapés

Do you sometimes think that things that are long are sometimes too long?

JW Bowe didn’t, not until he once had to cram a breadstick into his penny purse. He made it fit, but it changed his opinion on length and longness.

Fittingly, Serious Biscuits has now condensed JW Bowe’s Podcast series Cave Mind into manageable, pro attention deficient bite sized editions called Cave Mind; Canape.

Previous episodes, and all future recording will adhere to this stringent new regime.

We hope that these 20 minute tasters fit into your day, and understanding of negative length.

You’re welcome.

A Word to the Wise

What is it about strangeness, about the way that it holds our attention in spite of the distance that we try to keep from it?
Do we like the strange; or strange people? Those unencumbered numbers of folk that we don’t know but we know we have seen. Do we like them, or do we fear that we may already be one?

Hello there! I’m JW Bowe and I have no answer to that question, or the other ones above it. But I did always like to explore them; and to do that further, I needed a limited company.
So now Ladies, Gents and Others, take your bourbon by the hand and welcome yourselves into the embrace of Serious Biscuits. We’re here to help, and we’re through with explaining ourselves.

Go on then, I’ll go through it one more time.
Continue reading “A Word to the Wise”

On sale now . . . !

Herbert, Derek and Benjamin have a secret.
It flies.
Now who are they going to trust?
Boys, girls, wheelchairs… secrets beyond
gravity, a comedy above North Wales.

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The Indented

Ralph Arcfield is thirty years old and disabled. Nearly. He uses a walking stick, but nothing can stop him on his mission to witness and chronicle the lives of people who otherwise would go unnoticed. Some are his friends, some are not. Find out who is in a forthcoming series of six short audio plays in which we will learn;

Something of HAM radio;
Fibonacci’s marvel of Norfolk;
Why Charlie Edwards Adams didn’t bother with private school;
What happened at Fen Hall in 1982;
Why Ralph Arcfield would hang out with Elle Fitts;
What exactly a Rag Bag is…

The Indented Plays


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