I always loved playing darts. Everything about it; the feel of tungsten in my grip, chalk dust wiped onto my trousers, the sound of clipping the metal separators around a triple twenty.

I bought some new darts recently. A completely wanton purchase I’ll admit, but then I had been playing with only one for the past year, having lost the other two either out of the window or under something that I have still yet to check. Dart is still a great game though. It boils the game down to its barest essentials and makes the amount subtraction a lot easier to handle. I was great at dart.

I’m back in the big leagues now though. Three times a lady, so to speak. And I’ve started shutting the window. That’s my first tip to you. Next, submit to victory. Ask not what your dart can do for you, but for what you can do for dart. About fifteen years ago some friends and I decided to dedicate some time to playing pool at a local hole in Ipswich. At some point I learnt to stop trying to tell the balls what to do and listen to them instead. It works. I also recommend putting I Ain’t Hiding by The Black Crowes on the jukebox. It can really put your opponent off if they don’t like The Black Crowes, of which the chances are pretty high.

Just the same with darts. More point than ball, though the point remains.

No Leonard Cohen with the eight ball though. It’s cheating and funks the whole pool hall out, which will ultimately affect your game as well. Perhaps just play it safe and go for Dr Hook instead. No-one will be impressed but everyone will be smiling. Careful what you invite in.

Feel free to invite Christ though, always. He’ll hang with you. Sit and eat with you. He’s even paid the bill already. Plus, he’s the best at conversation. Submit to Victory.

Psalm 44:3…

JW Bowe xx

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