The Lord of the Sheds

For reasons that might be either a fall back into a standard position, or else a guiding light of existence, my dad has always been building sheds. You could do a quick panorama of any piece of turf that he has owned, spot one, and then if you performed another turn there’d be a fair chance that another one will have gone up. If you really wanted to test his credulity, well… you’d just end up giving in after the first dozen or so turns.

God made the world in six days. If my dad had been around in Abraham’s day, he’d have filled the world up with sheds by a week-last-Sabbath ago, each one containing the lumber and apparatus to create the next. One stormy night in my fathers’ book of Revelation, he saw a vision of Christ holding down a radiant hand, beckoning dad to start building the sheds upwards to heaven (or a good hundred feet).

‘But what of the Babel business?’ he asked. Christ smiled.

‘Truly I say, they poured a larger foundation.’

Then the light filled my fathers’ spirit and manna rained down on him in the form of eighteen volt drills and HB pencils to live behind his ear. And lo, the angels sang out in Ralph McTell and poured pale ale to consecrate inspiration.

Time was not what it should have been for Dad. And when he returned, he found he was already seven stories up.

That’s my dad and sheds for you…

Proverbs 3:10

JW Bowe xx

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