The Winter of my Blog

7th December 2017

What’s going on with Labradors? Obviously they’re terrific, I’m not planning to have a go; Labradors look about perfect in the looks department, better even than a dolphin. They’re probably the bestlooking thing in reality, and considering that I’ve just taken receivership of some new spectacles, I’m feeling in the mood to make a judgement on such things. But they are messier than a nursing home detainee and display similar non-attachments to their attention span.

Perhaps I am having a go after all, but it was upon a recent thoroughly hoed border (my efforts) than I caught one taking a shit today. She looked at me while she was doing it as well, her eyes all glazed and wondering what she was going to do next, before promptly forgetting and wandering off in the opposite direction.

I can’t get enough of the Labrador, but I can have enough of them.

So what else, now that I’ve kicked that issue up the arse? I’m still down-to-the-knickers getting through the second draft of The Brine in Me before it’s due in with the editor. Having previously described this process as being like the tuning of many instruments before a concert, I would now like to add that it can similarly be akin to the great relentless movement of a super tanker. It is not fast, but you could not halt the progress; which is lucky, considering that it might have been you that had the idea to release two novels within the space of one year in the first place. In which case I wish you luck and would say only this; don’t send your editor a long electronic mail about context and the correct way to read the text. All the juices will be in the mix already and a good editor understands all about the juice. That’s why Serious Biscuits books in with Katherine Trail.

Although there’s some blame that she ought to share as well.

Back when I had just a manuscript and it was easier to step away, I was going to use Katherine’s editing notes on The Meifod Claw as a sign that I had either already shot myself in the foot, or else I should carry on all guns blazing.

Encouraging words came through from her a few weeks later, which in the real world meant taking the process seriously and embarking on another three drafts of editing back and forth with Katherine for about half a year, until The Meifod Claw had a form that best explained itself; that means a lot of collaboration and trusting people who turn out to be correct well before the final draft. And now I’m about to go through it again with The Brine in Me. If you end up with either of these books on your lap, and you enjoy them, it’s because of collaboration, council, and a whole lot of juice.

You’re welcome.

While I’m speaking from the heart and the juices, Serious Biscuits has some bang-on radical ideas about what it wants to get up to next year. There’s releasing The Brine in Me, but I’m not thinking about the strands of releasing two novels in one year right now. That’s a fetish that I like to save for later in the evening. We have got to find a new cover designer for this one though, I will admit that. Which is a bit of a downer because it’s like losing someone from the inner council; who do you trust to take that seat? We’ll find them; Serious Biscuits has some pretty serious feelers whence they are deployed. If by some chance though, you happen to be a cover designer who sees the world through a highly calibrated sense of tone, then send us some of your scribbles.

I’ve recently returned from an interview with an art tutor and lecturer, and I have learnt this, do not drink that much coffee before you are interviewed. I did, don’t you do the same. The results will be on Serious Biscuits Youtube channel soon.

Oh yes…! Other things for next year that I was going to tell you about…

I can’t give too much away yet, but we’re currently casting for a ukulele boy to take part in the forthcoming, and very special documentary, Call it an Occasion (or My Tinderbox Credulity).

That should do us for now, I’m running out of space to tell you about everything else because I’ve been going on about Labradors too much, again.

It looks like it wants to snow. How does the weather know that I’m going up Long Mountain tomorrow?

She showed me the map to her past, so I showed her my ring…
JW Bowe xx

P.S! Anna says that My Tinderbox Credulity is unacceptable. The only other title that I might be interested in using is The Gland of my Belligerence, in which case we’re still going with one or other of the first.

snowy JW Bowe

If you enjoyed this blog, and you’re impatient for something else to read, feel free to bunch up close to a free sample chapter from JW Bowe’s debut novel, The Meifod Claw, which is available now at Amazon, iTunes and on various other international eReaders.

You can also double up your sampling by following this link to the forthcoming fictional autobiography of The Meifod Claw’s wheelchair-in-chief, Derek Gainsborough. His life and apologies will be released next year under the sail of The Brine in Me.

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